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Greenwich Village, 1920-1930

Greenwich Village, 1920-1930 by Caroline F. Ware is an interesting look at Greenwich , because one can utilize the work as a primary or secondary source. The study of social changes in Greenwich Village was written in 1935, making it an almost contemporary work. Therefore, the reader can learn not only about the decade discussed in the book, but also about the way that decade was viewed in the time directly following WWI. This dual usefulness makes the work important to a researcher, who is trying to get a feel for the attitudes and concerns of someone living in Greenwich Village after WWI as well as learn about the 1920s, an especially significant time in Greenwich Village history. It was interesting to see how Greenwich Village had already firmly established its reputation as a cultural center by the mid 1930s. The book also discusses the many taboo subjects that the village had become famous for. This was something that surprised me, but only made the work more interesting. I would suggest it to anyone researching Greenwich Village in the 1920s or 1930s.


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